Lodam Electronics

SoftPart har de seneste år forbedret software process og -arkitekturen hos Lodam.

// Arbejdsområder og teknologier

  • Scrum
  • Softwarearkitektur
  • Softwaredesign
  • Embedded C/C++ implementering
  • Windows C#/WPF implementering
  • QT til Windows og Linux
  • CAN/CANopen

// Testimonial

"SoftPart (Martin & Jens) we see as probable the best SW architects in the southern part of Jutland. They have extremly high integrity, keeping promises, have ease of estimating, keeping structure and code simple, are on time and are 2 complementing personalities working well with colleagues and clients, as a natural part of the company.

I have been working with them for 4 years, and will give them my highest recommendation, knowing that I might share them with others, but for the best of SW quality in DK."

Søren Andersen
Lodam electronics a/s